Alyssa McCluskey Headshot

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Dr. McCluskey has been a project manager at NCAR since 2017. She is also an engineering consultant with an interdisciplinary background in water resources, climate change and integrated assessments involving climate, water, food, energy, and economics. In the past twenty-five years, she has worked for multiple international agencies (the World Bank, United Nations University-World Institute for Development Economic Research, International Food Policy Research Institute, International Water Management Institute, Stockholm Environment Institute, and others), placing her on over 30 projects worldwide. She has developed and conducted training seminars around the world on climate change impacts, adaptation and biophysical and economic modeling. Dr. McCluskey has managed and been responsible for key contributions and deliverables to sub-tasks of large projects. She has taken the lead in coordinating project partners in order to meet objectives on time and budget at the highest quality.

Dr. McCluskey started teaching Engineering Principles for EMP in 2006. Today, she teaches the Engineering Management Graduate Capstone Course and serves on the Graduate Committee.

Outside of her work, Dr. McCluskey enjoys spending time traveling and hanging out lakeside with her family and dogs.

Dr. McCluskey holds a BS, MS, and PhD in Civil/Water Resource Engineering from the University of Colorado.