Irene Diep

What I Did With My EMP Degree: Manufacturing Engineering

July 23, 2021

Irene Diep took her manufacturing engineering and supply chain experience to new levels with a master’s degree in engineering management from CU Boulder.

daniel broe standing on mountain top

What I Did With My EMP Degree: VA/VE Engineering

July 20, 2021

Read how one VA/VE engineer, Daniel Broe, uses his master’s of engineering management online degree from CU Boulder EMP to be a more effective engineering professional.

high tech chip

What I Did With My EMP Degree: Enterprise Software Sales

June 9, 2021

CU Boulder alumnus Hamed Yazdi is succeeding in enterprise software sales; learn how his Engineering Management Program degree helped him get there.

josh lawrence

What I Did With My EMP Degree: Aerospace Engineer

May 25, 2021

After graduating from CU Boulder’s Engineering Management Program (EMP) with an ME in Engineering Management, Josh Lawrence’s career as an aerospace engineer reached a much higher orbit.

Shawn Poe

What I Did With My EMP Degree: Civil Engineering

May 17, 2021

As the Director of Engineering for the City of Richardson, Texas, Shawn Poe is responsible for many of the civil engineering projects that keep the city running smoothly.

chris muldrow

EMP Alumnus Chris Muldrow named new director of the Smead Program

April 16, 2021

EMP Alumnus Chris Muldrow (ME Engineering Management 2010) was named director of the University of Colorado Boulder Ann and H.J. Smead Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences Smead Program. As director, Muldrow will provide strategic direction and leadership for the nationally recognized program.

Leadership Frontiers logo with mountains

EMP Instructor Ron Duren Jr. Co-Hosts New Leadership Frontiers Podcast

April 15, 2021

Ron Duren Jr., EMP Instructor, co-hosts the new Leadership Frontiers podcast focused on interviews with experts in leadership. The discussions explore leadership topics within business, education, non-profits, the public sector, social justice, and more. The podcasts, part of CU Boulder’s Center for Leadership , can be found here:

Brian Muriithi

ENLP Student Brian Muriithi Named CU Student Leader of the Year

Feb. 28, 2021

The Center for Leadership has announced recipients of the 2020–21 Newton Endowed Chair in Leadership Student Leaders of the Year, and ENLP student Brian Muriithi has been named an awardee. The CU Boulder Student Leaders of the Year awards recognize those individuals participating in campus leadership programs who have demonstrated...

Jessica Rush Leeker

Equity, Inclusion and Diversity in Engineering: Why They Matter

Jan. 22, 2021

Diversity, equity and inclusion are not givens in any profession. But CU Boulder’s Engineering Management Program is working hard to keep the conversation front and center in the engineering profession.

Bill Van Atten in the classroom

Building a Career in Two Acts: Marine Corps Vet, Bill Van Atten

Dec. 17, 2020

Drawing on the organizational and logistical skills he gained during a 22-year career in the Marine Corps, Bill Van Atten reflects on how he translated his military experience into the civilian sector.