Instructor: John Thomas
Suggested prior knowledge: None
Prerequisites: None
Semester(s) Offered: See course list

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Course Description

From product and technology development to customer engagement and support, emerging digital technologies are offering new and improved solutions to complex problems. The growing trend is disrupting traditional business models, supply and value chains, and operating processes across global networks of interconnected people, products and services, organizations, and institutions.

Digital Transformation (DT) is a special topics course introducing and survey some of the leading-edge concepts, practices, and technologies emerging in the workplace. Course curriculum is derived from research programs, case studies, scientific publications, and current events to help develop a broad understanding DT. The course examines some of the unique challenges of integrating DT across existing and emergent networks and the imminent risks of being left behind.

Through critical analysis of emergent issues, the course examines some of the leading digital concepts, practices, and technologies transforming the modern workplace like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, and Internet of Things. Case studies are used to help understand how DT is impacting established industries like healthcare and transportation by introducing entirely new approach to applications like disease diagnosis and long-haul freight delivery. The course illuminates how and why many companies are embracing DT as a new and essential core competency.

Skills and Knowledge Gained

  • Understand how to apply DT concepts, methods, and practices to the work environment to improve day-to-day operations promoting growth and profitability.
  • Explore some of the leading-edge technologies representing DT like AI, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, and Internet of Things among others.
  • Assess critical implementation requirements and challenges and examine some of the ethical considerations related DT.
  • Apply systems thinking and a holistic approach to complex socio-technical issues related to the operational, management, and financial implications of DT.
  • Explain the meaning and value of Digital Transformation (DT) in the modern workplace and explore implementation strategies to enable and accelerate growth.
  • Describe key benefits and challenges of integrating DT across diverse work environments and examine some of the ethical considerations it presents.
  • Evaluate how business models are transforming from capital markets to digital markets with the advent of new technologies, products, and services.

Why should you take this course? 

Learn about the critical issues relating to new Digital Transformation technologies and how to design the components for a DT action plan that could be adopted for a general business.

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