Instructor: John Thomas
Suggested prior knowledge: None
Prerequisites: None
Semester(s) Offered: See course list

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    Course Description

    Technology Entrepreneurship explores the dynamic intersection between technology innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit. The ability to harness technological advancements and transform them into thriving business ventures is a critical skill for aspiring entrepreneurs and innovation leaders. The course provides the theoretical foundation and practical insights necessary to navigate the complex world of technology startups and corporate innovation.

    This course is designed for engineers, project managers, technical leaders, and high-tech enthusiasts interested in learning how to leverage technology to develop solutions for complex problems and meet emerging market demands. With a holistic approach that engages an entrepreneurial mindset, the course empowers students with the knowledge, skills, and methodologies needed to effectively create and launch a new technology-based business.

    The curriculum covers a wide array of topics including business models and strategy, funding and financing, team building and leadership, growth and scaling, and the intricacies of entrepreneurial ecosystems. Technology Entrepreneurship guides students to examine and develop the core elements of a lean business plan for a new technology venture of their choice. This includes the preparation for presenting the plan to potential investors, along with the requisite knowledge and skills essential to forming, funding, and launching a new technology-driven venture.

    Skills and Knowledge Gained 

    • Translate new ideas into sustainable and marketable business opportunities, including assessing feasibility, market demand, and competition.
    • Develop and apply the fundamental concepts and skills that embody an entrepreneurial mindset, fostering creativity, resilience, and innovation.
    • Define and assess a target market and its specific segments, enabling the construction of comprehensive customer profiles to guide product or service development.
    • Apply systematic feasibility assessment and experimentation techniques to evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities, ensuring a data-driven and methodical approach.
    • Cultivate the skills and strategies required to effectively communicate financial needs and pitch entrepreneurial ideas to potential investors and secure funding.
    • Develop and create a comprehensive business concept and plan, articulating it clearly and persuasively to stakeholders and potential investors.

    Why should you take this course? 

    Navigate the journey from strategic planning to execution, gaining the knowledge and practical experience needed to successfully launch and operate a technology startup

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