Instructors: Daniel Moorer
Suggested prior knowledge: None
Prerequisites: None
Semester(s) Offered: See course list

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Course Description

Some believe that ethics cannot be learned; that is, that our morals are "hardwired" and that, in stressful situations or in situations where our personal interests are at stake, we will always respond instinctively rather than with a reasoned response. This course assumes that this is not true, that ethical decision-making is a worthy goal, and that every conscientious leader should work toward perfection in that quality of their character. The overall goal of this course, then, is to help one explore and appreciate the fundamentals of ethics, the great importance of a leader's ethics, and the indisputable effect of a leader's ethics on their team, their organization, and on society as a whole.

Skills and Knowledge Gained 

  • Describe and apply current theory on the origins of human behavioral traits and the ethical characteristics
  • Describe historical ethical challenges of managers and executives
  • Describe and apply a prescriptive approach to ethical decision making
  • Describe and apply a psychological approach to ethical decision making

Why should you take this course? 

Taking this course on ethical decision-making will help one to develop a deeper understanding of moral principles, their application in diverse situations, and enhance their ability to navigate complex ethical dilemmas. At the same time, one will improve their critical thinking skills, their problem-solving skills, and gain a greater sense of their ethical responsibility in both personal and professional environments.

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