Instructor: Kathryn Tobey
Suggested prior knowledge: None
Prerequisites: None
Semester(s) Offered: See course list
*Required course for Engineering Managment in the Aerospace Industry Certificate

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    Course Description

    This course examines a range of current international space topics and issues, including civil, military, and commercial activities. We study the origins and evolution of space policy and laws over time and examine the strategic role in international affairs. The course will introduce students to a range of current challenges and debates in the aerospace field, such as current organizational and governance structures, space economics, international human exploration strategies, the future of space exploration, space sustainability and orbital debris management, deregulation and space traffic management approaches and recent developments and possibilities in the commercial space sector. This course will inform students to the debates and decisions that have shaped global space activities, and the international policy issues that must be addressed to meet future goals. The course will involve guest speakers as subject matter experts and students prepare deep dive videos to advance the discussion of these topics.

    Skills and Knowledge Gained 

    • Understand the history and importance of space policy and law.
    • Identify the stakeholders in the space enterprise, including civil, military and commercial participants.
    • Describe the current and future missions of space enterprise stakeholders.
    • Understand space sustainability issues including orbital debris and possible mitigation approaches.
    • Evaluate a variety of space challenges and issues and develop arguments for and against particular options

    Why should you take this course? 

    The objective of this course is to expose students to the current context of the industry in order to better prepare them for a successful career in the space economy

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