Instructor: Kathryn Tobey
Suggested prior knowledge: EMEN 5052 Leading Others or entry level leadership experience
Prerequisites: None
Semester(s) Offered: See course list

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    Course Description

    Leadership of technical, complex organizations is being challenged by the pace of technology development, innovation, hyper competition by new entrants and a workforce that demands to be engaged, and recognized. As you move up the leadership chain, your leadership skills must grow and evolve to meet the expectations of your workforce and your stakeholders.

    This course will provide the student with a set of relevant organizational leadership skills that can be employed now and evolved over time to effectively lead organizations that provide complex systems and capabilities. The class explores how a leader multiplies their abilities by leading through others and that one's executive presence is essential to be a leader of leaders.

    The first key to success is building a team of exceptional, diverse leaders who are deeply involved in talent acquisition, development and retention activities. You will learn that organizational leaders use different decision-making processes for different situations and that they are ultimately accountable for all results. Techniques for building enduring relationships that have a multiplicative impact on business success will be discussed. The course provides insight into big picture considerations that organizational leaders must take into account when strategizing, planning and performing large scale technical endeavors.

    Skills and Knowledge Gained

    • Understand the concept of value creation for organizational stakeholders.
    • Identify how to build an integrated team of effective leaders and how to multiply their abilities through effectively leading leaders.
    • Describe how organizational leaders are ultimately accountable for meeting commitments.
    • Explain the value of enduring relationships and their contribution to business success.
    • Learn to enhance employee engagement through authentic leadership
    • Learn how to build an entrepreneurial culture in an incumbent organization
    • Understand how setting and executing the right strategy is critical to value creation.
    • Develop strategic insight into important skills required of organizational leaders that can be applied in an evolutionary way to entry level leadership positions.

    Why should you take this course? 

    By completing this course, you will have an understanding of the leadership skills needed to lead a technical organization that effectively delivers on commitments and recognizes the value of their stakeholders in the ultimate success of the business.

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