Instructors: Daniel Moorer and Alex Dietrich
Suggested prior knowledge: Recommend EMEN 5050 Leading Oneself
Prerequisites: None
Semester(s) Offered: See course list

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Course Description

This course is about becoming a great leader. Great leaders know how to hire great individuals, form and empower teams, and delegate to those teams appropriately. Working together with the team, they envision what the organization should be and inspire others to help execute the strategy that will take them there. And they see themselves as servants to the team and to the organization. These are some of the traits of the best leaders in business, industry and the military. It is these traits and much more that are explored in this course. Those who are in positions of technical leadership at work or wish to consider a leadership role in the future should consider taking this course.

Skills and Knowledge Gained 

  • Describe and apply the leadership qualities associated with successful entry- and mid-level leaders.
  • Describe and apply elements of personal effectiveness including negotiation and managing organizational politics, finding a mentor, and converting enemies to allies.
  • Describing and applying practical leadership activities including defining roles and responsibilities, setting vision and direction, coaching, dealing with conflicts, and delegation.
  • Describing and applying teambuilding activities including hiring the right team members, building the team, managing the team, and conducting effective meetings.

Why should you take this course? 

Taking this course on Leading Others can equip you with essential leadership skills that will allow you to navigate various business and industry situations and environments, create aand motivate a team, set a direction, and guide the team to success.

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Daniel Moorer Headshot
Daniel Moorer 

50 years experience in leadership and project managment; past experience as a military officer, scientist, systems engineer, industry executive, entrepreneur, small-business leader, and university professor.

Ph.D, Aerospace Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder;

MS, Space Systems Engineering, Florida Institute of Technology;

BS, Engineering, US Military Academy, West Point.

Alex Dietrich Headshot
Alex Dietrich

22 years military and academic experience leading teams and programs across complex technical, political and geographic terrain.

MBA - George Washington University;

BS Civil Engineering - George Washington University