Instructor: John Svoboda
Suggested prior knowledge: None
Prerequisites: Completion of EMEN 5030 is normally required but may be waived based on the student’s industry experience. Contact the instructor.
Semester(s) Offered: See course list

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    Course Description

    Builds on foundational Project Management knowledge to advance and elevate the practice and art of leading technical teams in pursuit of one-time, challenging objectives. Emphasizes the study of real-world, judgment-intensive decision-making via case studies drawn from famous and infamous projects such as:

    • Google X Foghorn “Moonshot”
    • The Chunnel Project
    • Boston Harbor Reclamation
    • Tesla Model 3 Launch
    • Boeing 737 Max Crisis

    We analyze and acquire industry-agnostic skills and abilities that will serve us well through the arc of a career. Sophisticated PM tools, such as Monte Carlo Analysis and RFQ/RFP interpretation, are investigated and assessed for real-world utility. Students design and present a mini case of their choosing, drawn from a prominent industry event or their own experience. Class sessions are dominated by open discussion employing the often-underrated abilities of judgement, common sense and empathy.

    Skills and Knowledge Gained 

    • Recruiting, hiring biases, team management and designing incentive structures.
    • Organizational politics and culture.
    • Project launches under cost and time pressures.
    • How Organizational structure impacts Project execution.
    • Emotional intelligence and The Whole-Brain approach.
    • Risk identification & control.
    • Earned Value Analysis, forecasting and strategic Project charting. 
    • Intro to Agile, Scrum and A.I. Project integration.

    Why should you take this course? 

    Advance your core PM knowledge with team leadership skills, the abilities that consistently drive personal and project success in tech industries.

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