Instructor: Daniel Moorer and Christy Bozic
Suggested prior knowledge: None
Prerequisites: None
Semester(s) Offered: See course list

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    Course Description

    Project management is a critical discipline that involves working cross-functionally to guide projects from inception to successful completion. This course offers a comprehensive introduction to the field of project management, focusing on the essential processes, tools, and techniques necessary for effective project leadership and management.

    Key areas of study in this course include the pivotal role of the project manager, the dynamics of the project team, the importance of effective stakeholder communication and the different project management methodologies such as waterfall and agile. Participants will also explore in-depth topics such as cost management, schedule optimization, and risk management strategies along with the significance of maintaining quality standards in project deliverables.

    Designed for both aspiring and experienced project managers, this course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to excel in project management roles across various industries. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, participants will be prepared to navigate the complexities of project management, including traditional and Agile methodologies, with confidence and proficiency.

    Skills and Knowledge Gained  

    • Project Management Methodologies: Comprehensive understanding of various project management frameworks, including traditional Waterfall and Agile methodologies, enabling students to select and apply the appropriate approach based on project requirements.
    • Leadership and Team Management: Skills in leading and managing project teams, including techniques for effective motivation, communication, and delegation, ensuring that project objectives are met through collaborative effort.
    • Effective Communication: Mastery in stakeholder communication and management, which is vital for ensuring that all parties involved in a project are aligned with the project's goals, progress, and changes.
    • Cost, Schedule, and Risk Management: The ability to develop and manage project budgets, timelines, and potential risks, employing strategies to mitigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities, thus ensuring project deliverability within scope and resources.
    • Quality Assurance: Knowledge of quality management principles and practices to maintain the standards of project deliverables, ensuring that the outcomes meet the established criteria and satisfy stakeholder expectations.

    Why should you take this course? 

    This project management course equips students with theoretical frameworks and practical skills, essential for leading diverse teams and driving projects to successful completion in any industry.

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    Daniel Moorer Headshot
    Daniel Moorer 

    50 years experience in leadership and project managment; past experience as a military officer, scientist, systems engineer, industry executive, entrepreneur, small-business leader, and university professor.

    Ph.D, Aerospace Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder;

    MS, Space Systems Engineering, Florida Institute of Technology;

    BS, Engineering, US Military Academy, West Point.

    Christy Bozic Headshot
    Christy Bozic 

    Dr. Christy Bozic combines her academic achievements with vast industry experience to guide engineering management education.

    Her global business expertise significantly enhances her educational contributions, infusing practical insights into the classroom.

    PhD from Purdue University;

    MBA from Butler University;

    BS in Industrial Engineering Technology