Instructor: Daniel Moorer & Alex Dietrich
Suggested prior knowledge: None
Prerequisites: None
Semester(s) Offered: See course list

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Course Description

Leaders in technical fields devote up to 90% of their time communicating -- listening, writing, speaking, presenting, coaching, and counseling. The ability to communicate one's ideas in a concise, coherent, and easily understood manner remains an incredibly important, though often overlooked, skill among engineering leaders. More than this, communication is the vehicle by which one manages and leads. That is, one may be the best leader with the greatest collection of management skills; but a person with only those skills will not achieve their fullest potential unless they can communicate effectively. Indeed, when done right, effective communication greatly enhances the effectiveness of our management skills. The field of engineering, more than any other, needs great communicators and this course will take you there.

Skills and Knowledge Gained  

  • Successfully and effectively communicate one's thought and ideas in written, oral and electronic forms
  • Write academic papers and write common engineering, business, and industry documents
  • Orally communicate ideas clearly, persuasively, and energetically.

Why should you take this course? 

Taking this course on Engineering Communication will strengthen written and presentation communication skills, enabling one to effectively convey technical information in a clear, understandable, and convincing manner.

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Daniel Moorer Headshot
Daniel Moorer 

50 years experience in leadership and project managment; past experience as a military officer, scientist, systems engineer, industry executive, entrepreneur, small-business leader, and university professor.

Ph.D, Aerospace Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder;

MS, Space Systems Engineering, Florida Institute of Technology;

BS, Engineering, US Military Academy, West Point.

Alex Dietrich Headshot
Alex Dietrich

22 years military and academic experience leading teams and programs across complex technical, political and geographic terrain.

MBA - George Washington University;

BS Civil Engineering - George Washington University