CU Employee Leadership & Management Program
Learn more about our CU Employee Leadership & Management Program specifically for currently employees at CU Boulder.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of management, leadership, and strategy deployment to improve performance quality.
  • Discover how to use your own natural strengths to become the best leader you can be.
  • Learn to navigate ethical decisions and maintain integrity as a leader.
  • Find the leverage points in your organization for delivering exceptional results.

Required Courses

Effective Spring 2020 

(12 credit hours) 

  • EMEN 5030 Project Management or EMEN 5405 Systems Engineering
  • EMEN 5050 Leading Oneself or EMEN 5052 Leading Others or EMEN 5053 Leading Technical Organizations
  • EMEN 5080 Ethical Decision Making
  • EMEN 5020 Finance for Engineering Managers

Option for Students Enrolled Prior to Spring 2020 

(12 Credit Hours)

  • EMEN 5030 Project Management
  • EMEN 5050 Leading Oneself
  • EMEN 5080:Ethical Decision Making
  • EMEN 5052 Leading Others (Previously EMEN 5830: Special Topics) - starting Fall 2017 (Prior to Fall 2017, EMEN 5040 required instead)

*EMEN 5040 is no longer being offered, but if you have already taken this course as part of the certificate it will count instead of Leading Others.