Published: Nov. 29, 2018

students laughing in the classroomAcross the broad spectrum of business and industry around the world, advanced technology is steadily becoming more of a centerpiece in day-to-day operations. As this trend continues, organizations are realizing the value of leaders and managers who bring a proven ability to blend business and management acumen with an established background in engineering and technology.

This growing need for technology-savvy professionals with advanced business skills is spurring an increasing number of engineers and technology professionals to add credentials such as a leadership and management certificate to their resumes.

The decision to pursue advanced education is a big one for any engineer, one that carries a necessary commitment of both time and resources. But in the end, the benefits of pursuing additional skills can be significant and help elevate your career to heights it may not achieve otherwise. So it’s important to gain a solid understanding of what’s involved, who a leadership and management certificate is designed for and what to look for in a top program.

Why Consider Getting an Engineering Leadership & Management Certificate?

Every day, engineers solve some of the most complex and challenging problems facing society and create new possibilities in a wide range of technologically-oriented ventures. In many cases, however, those who achieve success in engineering lack skills in business, management, communication and other areas that are also critical to the overall success of their organization.

By pursuing additional leadership and management credentials, engineers position themselves for new opportunities and open the door to higher levels of growth within their industry or organization. They add depth and dimension to their professional skill set, through the study of:

  • Business ethics
  • Project management
  • Organizational leadership
  • Effective leadership
  • Critical decision-making
  • Business strategy

Who is a Good Fit for the Certificate?

If you’re an engineer looking to advance within your current organization or climb the ranks in a technical leadership position with a new employer, a leadership and management certificate offered through an engineering management online program is an excellent path ahead.

“Students should consider a leadership and management certificate to become better leaders, developing strengths they already have,” says Kendra Thibeault, academic advisor at the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Lockheed Martin Engineering Management Program.

This certificate can be an ideal fit for someone just starting out in the engineering or technical field, for engineers with years of experience who want to diversify their skills, or for professionals between positions looking to improve their marketability in the eyes of employers.

“The applicability of the courses is immediate and students find they are able to use the skills and knowledge they are learning right away,” Thibeault says. “For those who are not currently working, this certificate can set them apart from other job candidates.”

CU Boulder’s Engineering Leadership & Management Certificate

Offered through the College of Engineering and Applied Science at CU Boulder, the Leadership and Management Certificate provides a highly-respected path ahead for working engineers.

CU Boulder’s College of Engineering and Applied Science was founded in 1893 and is widely recognized among the top public research institutions in the country. The Leadership and Management Certificate is led by industry leaders who bring a rich depth of real-world experience, as well as valuable networks of professional connections.

“The certificate also allows the flexibility of learning on campus, online or a combination of both,” Thibeault says. “It’s designed to cater to working professionals.”

Courses for the Certificate are diverse and comprehensive. In terms of learning outcomes, as a student you will:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of management, leadership and strategy deployment to improve performance quality.
  • Discover how to use your own natural strengths to become the best leader you can be.
  • Learn to navigate ethical decisions and maintain integrity as a leader.
  • Find the leverage points in your organization for delivering exceptional results.

Individual courses include Project Management, Leading Oneself, Leading Others and Ethical Decision Making, among others. The Certificate can serve as a stand-alone solution for engineers looking to broaden their career opportunities, and it can also be used towards the university’s Master of Engineering in Engineering Management degree.

“We offer a well-rounded approach to leadership and management,” Thibeault says. “Abilities are developed for managing projects and people while focusing on your own talents as a leader. The ethics course ties all this together and teaches students to manage ethically.”

You can request more program information about the Leadership and Management Certificate on the CU Boulder website. You can also contact Kendra Thibeault at or call 303-492-0954.