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Ed Talks - May 22, 2018 - Dairy Arts Center

The CU Boulder School of Education hosted its inaugural Ed Talks on Tuesday, May 22 at the Dairy Arts Center. These presentations led by CU Boulder education professors explored topics such as teacher walkouts, hate speech on college campuses, distrust in education, and more. Watch all of the Ed Talks below! 

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How Teacher Churn Affects Students and Learning

Allison Atteberry, CU Boulder assistant professor 

It is not uncommon for teachers to move within their schools, what’s known as teacher churn. What happens to kids and student achievement when teachers are new to their jobs, districts, grade level or even subject area?

It’s Not About Free Speech. It’s About Truth.

Michele Moses, CU Boulder professor

It feels like every day there is a new higher education controversy reported in the media, whether it’s students blocking certain speakers or protests about free speech or hate speech. White nationalist speakers, for example, have promoted violent, discriminatory views on campus. When such incidents happen, university leaders need to respond, to act, to reaffirm the institution’s guiding values and educational mission. How should leaders handle the public airing of views and perspectives that may be wrong or untrue?

What Happened to Our Trust in Teachers?

Kathy Schultz, CU Boulder School of Education dean and professor

We live in a moment saturated with distrust—of people, motivations, actions, ideas and institutions. It shapes our feelings about teachers, schools and educational decisions and policies. At this time in the United States, there is also great dissatisfaction with education reform across the political spectrum. Distrust—and the failure to recognize and address it—plays a significant role in the failure of school reform. The strategies our country has chosen to enact reform create distrust and in so doing undermine precisely the conditions that enable successful educational change.

What Is — and Isn’t — a Great School?

Kevin Welner, CU Boulder professor and director of the National Education Policy Center 

In a time when public schools across the country are under attack, the National Education Policy Center based at CU Boulder is recognizing high schools that use evidence-based approaches to close opportunity gaps. Learn about this Schools of Opportunity project and how our work is changing the conversation on education—from testing to opportunities to learn.

What if Teacher Walkouts Are Just the Beginning?

Terrenda White, CU Boulder assistant professor

We are experiencing a teacher movement like we’ve never seen before, with statewide walkouts, social media campaigns and protests at state capitols in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Arizona and Colorado. And this may only be the beginning. What can we learn from the recent demonstrations about how to support public schools and public school teachers?


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