Join our warm and welcoming community deeply committed to equity, access, and justice.

Kathy SchultzWelcome to the CU Boulder School of Education. When I joined the school in 2016, I joined a warm and welcoming community with a deep commitment to equity, access, and justice. We live in troubling and complex times. Now more than ever, we are inspired to prepare teachers, scholars, and community leaders with the knowledge and dedication to address the challenges faced by our students and our education systems. I came to CU Boulder because I found my own commitments to social justice and societal transformation reflected in the school’s mission and woven into the fabric of our courses, research activities, and projects in local schools and communities.

The idea of partnership is central to our work in the School of Education. As faculty and staff, we will work closely in partnership with you to shape an educational experience that prepares you for your future, whether you plan to be a teacher in a local public school, a researcher working on policy issues, an education professor, or something we haven’t even imagined, but which we will still partner with you to accomplish! As researchers, we work collaboratively with our partners to link critical research questions to community-based issues, drawing on diverse methodologies and disciplines, and seeking knowledge from local communities. As teacher educators, we have introduced an approach to learning to teach called “co-teaching,” which is based on the notion of mentor teachers working in partnership with teacher candidates to prepare them to enter into the profession. As public scholars, we have many partnerships in local communities that provide opportunities for civic engagement around problems identified by the community members themselves.

We ourselves are a community of active and accomplished faculty who are nationally recognized for our contributions to research, theory, policy, and practice. Our faculty members care deeply about teaching and mentoring our students and providing powerful educational experiences in a range of settings. We are also a community of diverse and engaged students and alumni who seek to change the world through teaching, research, and policy. Our supporters, especially our Development Advisory Board, are some of our biggest allies and advocates in advancing this work. Together, our staff, faculty, students and friends aim to transform education and our communities.

I invite you to explore our website to learn more about our values and commitments, get a glimpse of the exciting activities that engage our faculty, staff and students, and gain a sense of how you would thrive in our programs. Then, please visit our beautiful campus, where you can meet a wide variety of people, experience classes, and engage in conversations, so that you can truly understand the power of our work in the School of Education and its potential to be a transformative experience for you. Education today requires passion, new knowledge, and innovative approaches, all of which you will find here at CU. We invite you to join us in our vital work.

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Kathy Schultz
Dean and Professor