Published: Jan. 26, 2017

The annual CU-Boulder Campus Sustainability Awards is now accepting nominations. The University of Colorado wishes to recognize outstanding individuals and departments who demonstrate a sincere commitment  to reducing the burden that CU-Boulder places on the environment.   

Outstanding efforts make CU's successful and challenging approaches to attaining sustainability possible, and awardees exemplify CU's continuing efforts to become a sustainable institution.  They set the example for environmental stewardship and responsibility.  

Some of the awardees have made groundbreaking efforts that will change the overall way CU operates, and others make an impact on the community and campus environment with their everyday actions.  All in all, the campus community is contributing toward a sustainable future, thanks to the dedication and collaboration of its members.  

Candidates can be nominated from seven different categories, either as individuals, departments or partnerships. Nominees must be faculty or staff members, students, alumni or a department at the University of Colorado at Boulder campus. The nomination deadline is Thursday, March 2, 2017. The annual awards ceremony takes place each April.

This event is sponsored by the Office of the Provost, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Vice Chancellor for Administration, and CUSG Environmental Center.  


For more information or to nominate someone, visit: