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the Buffs One Read
Storytelling Contest

All undergraduates are invited to participate.

We are seeking creative expressions that reflect on
your relationship to joy.

Details & how to enter

Submissions (written, visual, multi-modal) accepted through 12 p.m. on February 5, 2024.

 Buffs One Read is a program that builds community through the shared reading of one book.

The program fosters intellectual community and cultural exchange among students, faculty, and staff. Its unifying theme for the year serves as a basis for classroom discussion, programming, social and civic development, and connection to campus.

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Bring the conversation into the classroom

Resources for educators

Our community Canvas course is open for use - feel free to copy or repurpose

The University of Colorado Boulder invites all educators to integrate The Book of Joy into your courses.

  • Integrate content from our Buffs One Read Community Canvas Course where you can explore summaries of each chapter as well as discussion questions and related resources. The course includes activities and prompts that invite students to delve more deeply into the rich themes of the text.
  • Contact the University Libraries for consultations on integrating The Book of Joy into your courses. Email to schedule a time to speak with us.
  • View our guide on The Book of Joy for additional related resources and rich related content.