Kristina Schauer, Manager of Finance and Business Operations

Office: Ramaley N122B 
Phone: (303) 492-3104 

  • IT
    • Any IT questions DDS cannot answer (see OIT Dedicated Desktop Support (DDS) below) please email to open a ticket. 
    • Purchasing computers and software including FCPP Purchases, site license software, consulting to find the best hardware for desired price range, server consulting, and placing servers in CU’s Data Centers. 
    • Classroom computers and laptop carts: software requests, maintenance, repairs, and replacement of classroom computers on a 4-5 year cycle. 
    • Maintain inventory of computers
  • Hiring requests and appointment inquiries for faculty, class Graders, staff (university and classified) as well as Graduate Student Research Assistants offers and tuition remission. 
  • Faculty summer teaching offer letters and research summer salary. 
  • Leaves and replacements and replacement teaching offers. 
  • Payroll: faculty, Graduate Research Assistants, and graders. 
  • Faculty merit. 
  • Visas for foreign scholars. 
  • Faculty and staff searches. 
  • Promotion/Tenure/Reviews/and Reappointments. 
  • EBIO graduation ceremony coordinator. 
  • Back-up Duties: backup Building Proctor and key liaison for Jennifer (door access and physical keys) along with all other staff back-up duties. If you can’t find what you need, or if your regular contact is out of the office, please contact this position. 

Taylor Cleveland, Finance and Grants Professional 

Office: Ramaley N114
Phone: 303-492-7654

  • Course budgets, course speedtypes, and remaining balances. 
  • All ordering including office supplies.
  • Accounting: accounts receivable and accounts payable contact, and conducts reconciliation of accounts.
  • All purchasing including CU Marketplace carts, PO’s, IN’s, and furniture.
  • Monthly procurement card reports.
  • All non-employee personal and travel reimbursements.
  • Colloquium support: hotel and food purchases.
  • Maintains current available balance on graduate student awards.
  • Transportation: field trip van rentals advisement. 
  • Gas cylinders: order and pickup.
  • Back-up duties include: employee travel for Jennifer.

Jennifer Kinion, Human Resources and Academic Operations Professional

Office: Ramaley N122D 

Email: Jennifer.Kinion@Colorado.EDU 
Phone: (303) 492-8988 

  • Hiring requests, and all appointment and payroll inquiries for all hourly employees including students and hourly non-CU student temps, as well as all research personnel (Professional Research Assistants, Research Associates, and Postdoctoral Associates).
  • Employee travel/mileage reimbursements and Travel Card reports
  • Shipping inquiries and package distribution: FedEx, UPS, and USPS.
  • Conference and classroom scheduling. Academic support includes:
    • Course scheduling and classroom requests, working with Undergraduate Chair on curriculum management, submit CTUFs to Dean’s office. Undergraduate student registration, add/drop for undergrads, submit SAFs to Dean’s office, and waitlists for class enrollment. Enrolls undergraduate Independent Studies and Research Studies.
  • Faculty support includes: FCQ management, test/syllabus copying, copier issues, and textbook adoptions/orders. 
  • Building Proctor duties include:
    • Key liaison: key card building access and physical keys. Parking liaison. Repair requests/construction, office moves, furniture move/removal. Custodial contact, relay cleaning requests. Environmental Health and Safety contact. Property disposal: secure paper disposal, property, and electronic disposal 
  • Greet students, employees, and guests, and assists with inquiries.
  • IT
    • Email list management: add/remove requests. 
    • IT Rental Equipment: Laptops, Adapters, Computer Parts, Monitors, and Hardware tools. 
    • Maintains EBIO website: help with web express sites. Assist with sites. Access & Permissions to site. 
    • Networking liaison: jack requests, and IP Address Management for Ketchum and Ramaley. 
    • Telephone liaison: phone moves, new phones, name change requests, and fax assistance. 

Stephanie Anguiano-Zarate, Graduate Program Coordinator

Office: Ramaley N122A
Phone: (303) 735-1366

  • Graduate student advising. 
  • Graduate program information for current and prospective students. 
  • Graduate program admissions. 
  • Graduate program registration. 
  • Graduate student desk space assignments. 
  • Teaching Assistant assignments, payroll, offer letters, and tuition remission. 
  • EBIO Grad Award Applications: includes graduate student research grants, one-semester fellowships, and summer fellowships.  

OIT Dedicated Desktop Support (DDS)

To opt into DDS support as an EBIO staff or faculty member, contact Once opted into DDS support, you open a ticket directly with our DDS team by submitting a help ticket here for: 

  • EBIOFILES Permissions: change permissions on file access, file restore requests, and storage administration (Requests for new folders, new storage spaces).
  • General computer repair and troubleshooting
  • General troubleshooting/software downloads
  • Backup consulting, imaging, and data transfer 
  • Lab printer networking

MISC Contacts 

  • Building repairs or emergencies after hours: call 2-5522
  • Greenhouse Bench Space: contact John Clark at
  • Office/Lab Space for Faculty: Space Committee 
  • Undergraduate Advisors, Change of Undergraduate Majors, Undergraduate class rosters: Biology Advising in Porter B126.