Aaron Clauset headshot

Aaron Clauset

Ph.D. University of New Mexico (with distinction), 2006 • Assistant Professor Affiliate
Computer Science
Research Interests My research program aims to identify fundamental principles of organization for complex social and biological systems, and how data and computation can be used to illuminate them. Much of this work is organized around two themes. The first theme focuses on how interactions at smaller scales within a system drive regularities and dynamics at larger scales. For instance, how does the human malaria parasite maintain the functionality of...
Joanna E. Lambert

Joanna E. Lambert

Ph.D., U. Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign, 1997 • Professor Affiliate
Anthropology and Environmental Studies
Research Interests My theoretical interests are in evolutionary, community, and nutritional ecology, with a taxonomic focus on primates and carnivores and regional focus on equatorial Africa and the western United State. Over the years, my research has developed along three complementary and synergistic trajectories, including: • nutritional ecology and the evolution of feeding adaptations, • community ecology (esp. plant-animal interactions), and • conservation biology and species resilience in anthropogenic landscapes...
Orit, headshot photo

Orit Peleg

Ph.D., ETH Zurich, 2012 • Professor Affiliate
I am a broadly trained physicist with a passion for living systems. My research is aimed at understanding how organisms buffer themselves against large environmental fluctuations and accommodate adaptation over a wide range of length and time scales. This includes protein assemblies that remain intact under varying external mechanical and chemical stimuli, beetles that navigate using volatile celestial cues, and honeybee clusters that change their morphology to both withstand mechanical...