Welcome to the EBIO prospective student portal!

Thanks for your interest in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology graduate program! We are always looking for students to join our department.

The portal linked below is a resource to help you navigate the recruitment process here at CU Boulder. Explore these pages to learn about the steps you need to take for a successful application.

Please click the link https://www.ebioprospectivegrad.com/ to start your journey and learn more about the application process.

The Summary

The Recruitment Process

Step 1: Choose a subject →
Step 2: Find an advisor →
Step 3: Make a connection →
Step 4: What happens next? →


Important dates

  • June 1 - October 15: Faculty updates posted! See our faculty grid to see who is taking new students for the upcoming recruitment cycle.

  • July - October: Work on Steps 1-4

  • November: Finalize your decision on whether to apply

  • December 1: Application deadline