Living in Boulder is expensive, which can make it difficult to make ends meet on a graduate student stipend. However there are affordable housing options and financial assistance that can make it more manageable. Many students, faculty, and staff also choose to live outside of Boulder and use their University-provided bus pass ("Eco-pass") to get to campus. 

Affordable Housing in Boulder

Boulder Housing Coalition

Non-profit community hoursing development organization that creates affordable, cooperative housing in Boulder

Graduate & Family Housing

Housing for CU Boulder students and staff. They house many international students, and offer many events to foster community and resources for those new to the country. The waiting list is often long, especially for moving in at the start of the semester, so apply early! 


Regional Transportation District

Provides award-winning, reliable bus and rail service to the Denver metro area (including Boulder County and the Denver International Airport).

Financial Assistance

Graduate student awards and grants

Information on CU Boulder and regional grants and awards for which students may apply. Of note is the graduate student emergency fund, under Graduate School Awards. This is a one-time, up to $1500 award intended to help with unforseen expenses such as medical emergencies. natural disasters, shelter in a dangerous situation, or travel due to family emergency. Clicking the link downloads the application form.