EBIO wants all members of the CU community to know that we support you regardless of your sexual or gender identity.  You will always have a home in EBIO where we will do our best to respect and value you.  Furthermore, as biologists we know that there is not a single gene, nor a single chromosome, nor a single aspect of morphology that unambiguously defines every human as 100% male or 100% female.  Many of us have spent our careers studying variation in the natural world, and it is nothing short of a repudiation of biological science itself to try to deny that variation by using law or policy to force every human being into some permanent, binary categorization at birth.  We reject any attempt to use biological science to oppress any specific group of human beings or deny them their humanity.
For additional LGBTQIA+ resources, the following groups are great places to start:

Pride Office

The Pride Office serves LGBTQ+ and allied students through support, resources and education. If you have questions about being LGBTQ+ on campus, where to find resources that serve you or would like to talk someone about challenges you are facing you have landed in the right spot.

Center for Inclusion and Social Change (CISC) (on campus)

The CISC supports undergraduate and graduate students across multiple identities, including students of color, LGBTQ+ students, QTBIPOC students, women and femme students and first-generation students. They provide community-building programs, educational opportunities, and a space for students to interact with people from different cultures. 

Out Boulder (off campus)

Community organization through the City of Boulder providing services, programs, and suport for Boulder County's LGBT community.