Current Leadership


Tanmay Kulkarni

Tanmay Kulkarni, Engineering Management Program

Tanmay is a Master's student in the Engineering Management Program at the College of Engineering. With previous leadership experience as a TEDx organizer, event management, and founding a student club, Tanmay seamlessly combines the technical and managerial aspects. Enthused by breakthroughs and innovations in the world, he strives to bring forth knowledge to the ones interested in learning. An able manager can bridge the gap between the scientific and the layperson. Tanmay plans to graduate in Spring 2023, and a few years down the line, he plans on venturing into entrepreneurship. Tanmay is excited to join the STEMinar leadership to build on his leadership skills!



Zoe Davis

Zoe Davis, Chemical & Biological Engineering

Zoe is a 3rd year Ph.D. student in the chemical and biological engineering program and has been a CU STEMinar director for the last semester. Interdisciplinary research is very important to her, and she joined CU STEMinar to help connect students across STEM disciplines to encourage the exchange of ideas and potential collaborations. 

Previous Leadership

Fall 2018 - Spring 2022

Director: Sarah Arpin, Mathematics

Sarah Arpin headshot

Director: Valerie Bernstein, Aerospace Engineering Sciences

Valerie Bernstein headshot

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

Director: Kevin Dorney, Chemical Physics


Fall 2017 - Spring 2018



Megan Harries, Chemistry



Albany Thompson, Mathematics


Journal Editor:

Louisa Smith, Psychology and Neuroscience