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CU STEMinar is a graduate student organization at CU Boulder which seeks to promote interdisciplinary interaction among graduate students in STEM departments. STEMinar hosts bi-­weekly seminars given by graduate students and post docs about their research here at CU Boulder.

STEMinar speakers come from a variety of STEM departments including computer science, mathematics, geology, psychology, physics, chemistry, evolutionary biology, and several engineering sub­disciplines including aerospace and mechanical. During a recent semester, STEMinar talks attracted audience members from at least 10 departments on campus.  Moreover, since its inception in August 2013, a majority of the STEMinar talks have been presented by women graduate students, a traditionally under­represented group in STEM disciplines. We hope to continue to find ways to foster diversity and community among the graduate students at CU Boulder, which serves as a primary mission of CU STEMinar.

CU STEMinar is sponsored by:

  • University of Colorado Graduate School
  • The Center for STEM Learning
  • United Government of Graduate Students (CU Boulder)
  • Louise H. and David S. Ingalls Foundation
  • The Center for Student Involvement