Subscribe to the STEMinar Email Listserv:

If you would like to subscribe/unsubscribe to the STEMinar email listserv, there are two options (summarized here):

Option 1: Web Interface 

Go to, login with your IdentiKey username and password, and you will be shown the current lists you are subscribed to.
Click on the Search for Lists button (bottom of screen) and search for CUSTEMinar by typing steminar in the search box.

If you want to subscribe, click on the seminar list name, and then click "Subscribe" in the left-side menu.
If you want to unsubscribe, click on the steminar list name, and click "Unsubscribe" in the left-side menu.

Option 2: Email Client Commands

Send an email to with the following subject (the link will generate the correct subject line in your email client):

SUBSRCIBE steminar FirstName LastName

where FirstName LastName is your First and Last Name with a single space. To unsubscribe, use the following command instead

UNSUBSCRIBE steminar FirstName LastName

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Contact Us:

Please send an email to for any questions regarding the organization.