Grace Wilson
Content and Communications Specialist

I support the College of Engineering and Applied Science's communications team by serving as the communicator for several academic units in the college. 

These are:

  • The Department of Computer Science 
  • The Herbst Program for Engineering, Ethics and Society
  • The Integrated Design Engineering program (formerly Engineering Plus/ "e+")

I am also the college communications point of contact for:

  • The Integrated Teaching and Learning Laboratory (ITLL)
  • The ATLAS institute 

What do I do as communicator?

I write news stories about faculty and students that tie to our stategic mission as a college, I create webpages for departments and can provide guidance on resources that might be available for communications-related tasks. I also support our wonderful advisors in keeping academic information on the website up to date. I do other things too, occasionally, but those are my major job components. 

I also support student society communications, so if you are a college student society member looking to learn how to work with the college to share stories about your members' accomplishments, to highlight events, or trying to find out how to get an official website through the college, let's connect!