A-21 & A-110

Original OMB circulars -- superseded by OMB Uniform Guidance


Original OMB circular A-133 Audits of States, Local Governments, and Non-Profit Organizations was modified and incorporated into the Code of Federal Regulations: Title 2, Part 200, Subpart F)

A-133 (2020)

Statewide Single Audit 2020

A-133 Letter (2020)

Audit report letter for use by pass-through entities (prime awardees) (2020)

Chart of Accounts Maintained by the Office of the University Controller (CU System)
Checklist for PI Checklist for PI who terminates or is on extended leave
Cost Principles Policy Replaces the prior Direct Cost Policy; intended to meet UG 
Cost Sharing Policy, FAQs, fund code definitions and more information on cost sharing
Cost Transfer Policy and Guidance Guidelines/procedures to be followed for a cost transfer and examples of cost transfer
DA-ICR Departmental administration indirect cost recovery guidelines
DEPA Disclosure of External Professional Activities for faculty and officers regarding relevant potential conflicts of interest
Award Closeout Checklist for Department Units Requirements to be met for a department/unit award closeout
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Departmental Financial Management Guide ("The Guide")

Provides a comprehensive overview of how to plan, organize, manage and control your department’s financial activities.

Departmental Financial Management Guide ("The Guide") - Chapter 14 Sponsored Projects > Scroll to Chapter 14

This section of The Guide focuses on sponsored project post-award administration. Responsibilities of key players in post-award management, types of external support, award funding and payment, research team roles and responsibilities, rules and regulations, and project management. (311/16)

Direct Cost Policy Direct Cost Policy was replaced by the Cost Principles Policy. See above.
Direct and Indirect Typical Costs Definitions and differences between direct and indirect costs
Disclosure Statement (DS-2)

Provides general information concerning each reporting unit, types of costs generally incurred by the segment or business unit directly performing under federally sponsored agreements and that are generally incurred by a central or group office and are allocated to one or more segments performing under federally sponsored agreements. 

ePER Topics Electronic Personnel Effort Reporting policy and information
Equipment FAQ See under Equipment & Property FAQ
Expense Purpose Codes Codes and definitions
F&A Rate Facilities and administrative rates
F&A Rate History Facilities and administrative rates back to 1980
FAQs Sponsored projects frequently asked questions, sorted by topic
Financial Analysis  Financial analysis information
Finance System Access Access request forms for CIW, PeopleSoft Finance and HRMS
Fiscal Roles Description of roles as assigned in the Finance System
Foreign Currency Procedure Procedure describing when CU may accept foreign currency. Foreign Exchange Risk Acceptance Form.
Forms Sponsored Project forms
Fringe Benefit Rates Faculty, staff, student, professional exempt, hourly and LASP leave rates
Glossary of Terms Sponsored project terminology glossary

Indirect Cost Rate Negotiation Agreement

This agreement is with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for indirect costs

Indirect Cost Recovery ICR, see also F&A and DAICR
Indirect Cost Recovery Split Agreement ICR agreement that details rate splits by department
Indirect Cost Recovery Splits ICR splits on projects shared between departments


Electronic Research Administration portal for Grants administration 

Invoicing and Cash Management Payment instructions for vendors, W-9, details on where to submit invoices, lists by sponsor

Multi-Campus Allocations APS

Allocating sponsored project funding on more than one campus

NCURA National Council of University Research Administrators
NIH Grants Policy Statement National Institutes of Health Grants Policy Statement
NSF Grants Policy Manual National Science Foundation Grants Policy Manual
OCG's Roles and Responsibilities Matrix Office of Contracts and Grants roles and responsibilities matrix
OPAS Organizational Prior Approval System - link to OCG's forms for budget deviations and other project charges filed under awards management
Over-expenditures on Contract and Grants Accounts Policy Letter from the Graduate School Office of the Dean regarding maintaining sound fiscal management by every team
Overpayment Process for Sponsored Projects Restricted Funds Overpayment processing
Participant Support Topics Participant support policy, codes, FAQ, transfer table, and general information
Principles of Ethical Behavior Introduction and description of ethical behaviour
Quick Reference Card QCR provides a list of accounts departmental administrators are required to use to classify assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses and cash transfers (at a minimum). It contains details regarding the university's chart of accounts and how those accounts are used. 
Rate of Exchange This is the rate of exchange on foreign currencies.  See Miscellaneous under FAQs
Setup and Closeout CCO's setup and closeout post-award administration
Scope of Work  SOW - HR guidance on independent contractors compared to employees
Sole Source Justification Form

Provides information on Sole source procurement definition, procedure to create sole source justifications, Sole source process cycles and procedure to pay invoices (receiving)

Study Subject Payments Procedural statement
Study Subject Payment Log Payment template

Subject Payment Instructions

Setup a Fund 29 petty cash fund. Use this fund to pay study subjects in multiple Fund 30 sponsored projects

Sub-recipient Invoice Template A sample template and instructions on how to use it
Sub-recipient Monitoring Guide (2015) Guidelines for departmental/PI review of Invoices from sub-recipients 

Summer Salary Resources

CU Boulder Provost's site - 3/9th calculator, summer funding guidelines and worksheet, summer session payment memo, summer salary limitations

Technology Transfer Office Assists with patents
Travel Authorization APS Policy, see also FAQs
Travel Procedural Statement PSC Procedures for university travel
Travel Card Handbook Information on the different types of travel cards and how to obtain them
Travel & Expense System - Concur Learning resources
Travel Authorization Form Developed by CCO for departmental travel authorization and recommended for all travel paid through Fund 30/31
Travel Information 

Available from the Procurement Service Center

Uniform Guidance The federal regulations, effective December 26, 2014
Uniform Guidance Information and Details OCG webpage containing updates, details and general information regarding the new regulations
Visas, Green Cards and Immigration Fees for entry into the U.S.

Specifies the university requirements for determining the propriety and maximum amounts of certain sensitive expenses