The Campus Controller's Office is a part of Finance and Business Strategy (FBS)Learn more about CCO's mission, objectives and team below.


Promote a strong financial management environment through investing in people, leveraging technology, and fostering innovative business practices.

  • People - Foster a positive culture focused on leadership development and opportunities for professional growth.
  • Process Excellence - Develop and continuously improve clear policies and procedures that are easily adopted by campus partners and stakeholders.
  • University Satisfaction - Build strong partnerships with the campus community and together ensure the successful stewardship of financial resources.
  • Technology - Boldly shape the use of technology to realize efficiencies, improve access to information and promote data integrity.

The Campus Controller's Office consists of the following units:

Area Accounting

Area accountants provide accounting expertise, internal controls, guidance and interpretation of CU's fiscal policies and procedures, and post-audit financial transaction management.

Cost Accounting

Cost accounting manages and prepares cost study reports for the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) rates, the General Administrative Recharge (GAR) rate and the General Infrastructure Recharge (GIR) rate, and our fringe benefit rates. 

Debt & Asset Management

The debt and asset management unit oversee campus policies and accounting functions designed to maintain uniform accountability for the University of Colorado Boulder's capital construction ($75,000+), equipment ($5,000+), debt, inventory for resale, petty cash, gift cards and change funds per related GAAP, GASB, state, regent and system policies.

Property Accounting Team

Oversees the standard procedures to ensure the CU Boulder campus fulfills its responsibilities in the areas of acquisition, maintenance, control and disposition of capital property.

Debt & Capital Construction

Oversees construction accounting activity within Fund 71 (projects >$75,000), Fund 74 depreciation activity for all eligible assets, Fund 73 debt accounting and departments carrying inventory for resale.

Cash & Construction Accountant

Oversees the petty cash, gift cards, change funds, Fund 71 SpeedType closing process and monitoring audits of the above. 

Financial & Tax Reporting

The financial and tax reporting unit is responsible for ensuring CU Boulder’s financial statements are reported accurately and in accordance with GASB regulations as well as ensuring that CU Boulder is in compliance with all sales and unrelated business income tax laws. The financial and tax reporting unit also creates customized financial reports for Budget and Finance as well as for campus departments.  

Fiscal Compliance

Fiscal compliance provides oversight of fiscal and high-risk transactions. We provide internal control recommendations for the Boulder campus and work in collaboration with various CU System and campus stakeholders. 

The team is responsible for monitoring and reviewing research-related cost share activities to ensure CU Boulder is in compliance with federal statutes, regulations, CU policies and procedures, and terms and conditions of sponsored award activities. We also provide support and oversight for certification and review of effort reporting activities (ePERs). 

Research Financial Services

The research financial services (RFS) unit ensures proper management and financial oversight for sponsored projects. RFS prepares financial reports and invoices, manages all revenue cycle activities for the research enterprise, coordinates financial closeouts, and works directly with Office of Contracts and Grants to coordinate information for post award activities. RFS works closely with campus partners to manage all aspects of the financial post award lifecycle including award setup, invoicing, revenue management, compliance monitoring, and closeout.

Systems & Technical Operations

The systems and technical operations team manage several technical functions for the Boulder campus:

  • Provision of appropriate access to CU’s financial systems, including PeopleSoft FIN, CU Marketplace, and the Central Information Warehouse (CIW)
  • Set up and inactivate program FOPPS and SpeedTypes
  • Provide financial data, reporting, and analysis on an as-needed, customized basis
  • Troubleshoot PeopleSoft Grants campus processes
  • Serve as the campus point of contact for financial system upgrades and technical support through UIS and OUC

Request FIN system access at: 

Submit ChartField/SpeedType requests or general CCO questions to:


The CCO training team provides and coordinates opportunities for CU staff and faculty to learn about the financial aspects of the university.  We also collaborate with Boulder campus staff, other CU campuses, the Office of the University Controller, and the Procurement Service Center to develop courses for both new and advanced professionals.

Our goals are: 

  • To help employees understand their fiscal roles and responsibilities through financial training, sharing of ideas, and engagement in dialogue to continuously improve our financial processes
  • Orient new employees to their role within the CU system and its financial environment
  • Create standardized onboarding and advanced training courses, as well as informal forums, to build a knowledge base for faculty, staff, and executives
  • Provide tools and training that cover all aspects of an employee’s fiscal role, including the elements of their financial portfolio or organization and the unique needs of executives and staff

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