Wisdom Amouzou smiling

Meet Wisdom Amouzou

Class of 2013, Teacher & Education Advocate Wisdom Amouzou looked nervously at the clock. It was almost 10:20 am. Clustered around him were his eighth grade students. He asked them again if they were sure they wanted to do this. They did. Amouzou had discussed civil disobedience with them for...

Karen tracy speaking in a meeting

Meet Karen Tracy

“Talking one-on-one with students melds the personal and intellectual in a way that is deeply satisfying. It often leads to a relationship that continues well past the life of a class.”

Caitlyn Hubbard handling fabric

Meet Caitlyn Hubbard

Communication student ('15), Part-time ski clothing designer Caitlyn Hubbard’s favorite color is yellow. As a child, she had a bright yellow winter jacket with an odd-looking spider logo on it. “Who has a bug on a ski jacket?” she wondered. Years later, the spider reappeared on a business card someone...