The communication graduate program at the University of Colorado Boulder emphasizes three areas of specialization: Community and Social InteractionOrganizational Communication and Rhetoric and Culture.

Each of those areas is comprised of core graduate faculty members.

Community and Social Interaction

Faculty and students in this area consider ways that practices and processes of interaction in natural contexts create, sustain, and change sociocultural scenes, particularly communities. For theses and dissertations, students select a theoretical issue about social interaction and/or community that crosses contexts, and/or study social interaction within a specific social site.

Organizational Communication

Faculty members teaching and researching in this area are widely recognized for critical and interpretive scholarship on the constitutive role of communication in human organizing. 

Rhetoric and Culture

The rhetoric and culture area offers a distinctive program that integrates contemporary rhetorical approaches with cultural studies and the interpretive turn in social science. Area members are linked by a common interest in historical and historically inflected studies of rhetoric and its media, including discourses, technologies and bodies.