The Department of Communication at the University of Colorado Boulder is a vibrant community of scholars whose members share a commitment to excellence and innovation in communication research and teaching. ‘COMM Plishments is our way of sharing news about the accomplishments of all of us with each other. People are doing all kinds of wonderful things and we often are unaware of what others do.  It is valuable for us as a community to know and celebrate the accomplishments of each other.

If you know someone deserving of a ‘COMM Plishment, please feel free to brag by emailing Department Chair Karen Tracy.

Previous Issues:

COMM 'Plishments: Volume 5, Issue 1: September 8, 2017

Sept. 12, 2017

Juan Ahumada, PhD student, was selected to be a member of the National Communication Association’s Task Force for Community College Connections, just one of two PhD students selected from a large and strong pool of applicants. Karen Lee Ashcraft, Professor, returns to the Department from a productive sabbatical. Along with...

'COMM Plishments, Volume 4, Issue 8: May 1, 2017

Aug. 29, 2017

Harry Archer, PhD student, became a proud papa. His son is named Douglas and his wife Kirstin is doing well. Nicoli Bowley was the recipient of two awards at the Communication Department’s Spring celebration: the Phillip K. Tompkins Award for Student Achievement and the BoulderTalks Civic Engagement and Community Leadership...

'COMM Plishments, Volume 4, Issue 7: April 1, 2017

Aug. 29, 2017

Kellie Brownlee , MA student, had her review of the book by Hacker Daniels (Ed.). (2016). Communication and the Global Landscape of Faith , published in the Central States Communication Association Newsletter ; February 2017, Volume 85, Issue 1. Nick Burk , PhD student, accepted a tenure-track position in Communication...

'COMM Plishments, Volume 4, Issue 6: March 1, 2017

Aug. 29, 2017

Harry Archer , PhD student published with M. Bradney an article titled “A pilgrim's view of communication: Pathways to a meaningful politics” that will appear in the Journal of Communication and Religion , 40 (1), 2017. Karen Ashcraft , Professor, published a paper based on the colloquium she gave at...

'COMM Plishments, Volume 4, Issue 5: February 1, 2017

Feb. 16, 2017

Patrick Bujold , MA student, will be presenting two papers at the annual conference of the Western States Communication Association: “Macabre Images: Picturing Climate Change,” and “Melodrama and Climate Change: Nadarev “Yeb” Saño’s COP19 Address.” Emma Collins , MA student, and Rebecca Rice, PhD student, published an annotated bibliography for...

'COMM Plishments, Volume 4, Issue 4: December 15, 2016

Dec. 22, 2016

Bob Craig , Professor Emeritus, published an article, “Pragmatist realism in communication theory,” in Empedocles: European Journal for the Philosophy of Communication , 7 (2), 115-128. doi: 0.1386/ejpc.7.2.115_1, 2016. He also presented a keynote lecture entitled “For a Practical Discipline” in honor of the 30th Anniversary of the Departamento de...

'COMM Plishments, Volume 4, Issue 3: November 1, 2016

Nov. 1, 2016

Sarah Beck, PhD Student, had her paper, “Leaky Closets: The Potentiality of Queer Digital Space” accepted to the Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association conference. David Boromisza-Habashi , Associate Professor, was elected Vice-Chair of the Language and Social Interaction Division at ICA, a position that morphs into division chair in the...

'COMM Plishments, Volume 4, Issue 2: October 1, 2016

Oct. 1, 2016

John Ackerman , Associate Professor, Leah Sprain , Assistant Professor, and two additional coauthors, published “The skunkwork of ecological engagement” in Reflections: A Journal of Public Rhetoric, Civic Writing, and Service Learning , 16.1, 75-95. This article is part of a special issue on Sustainable Communities and Environmental Communication, that...

'COMM Plishments, Volume 4, Issue 1: September 1, 2016

Sept. 1, 2016

Promotions David Boromisza-Habashi was tenured and promoted from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor. Monica Carroll was promoted from Academic Scheduling & Student Services to Office Manager of the Communication Department. Matt Koschmann was tenured and promoted from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor. Matt Laszewski was promoted from Graduate Program Assistant...

COMM 'Plishments: Volume 3, Issue 9: May 2, 2016

2016 Spring Commencement News Savannah Bathke and Cheryl Foland , both undergraduate students, will receive the Academic Achievement Award. The award is presented to the top one percent of graduating seniors as determined by grade point average, communication skills, intellectual curiosity, analytical capabilities and academic creativity. Jayne Colorado-Caldwell undergraduate student,...