Why Donate?

Your donation to the Department of Communication can help us to achieve the potential that resides in our eager student population and our strong faculty.

Currently, your gift could support the following opportunities:

For Students

  • Scholarships.  To lessen the financial burden of higher education.
  • Travel. To enable students to visit archives or interview selected persons or to participate in conferences, including special topic and honors conference for undergrad students and professional conferences for graduate students.
  • Internships. To facilitate the placement of students with nonprofits, NGOs, and other community groups; to give students real-world experience including international opportunities.
  • Debate & Deliberation Society. To engage undergraduate and graduate students outside the classroom in using their competencies to foster better communication in community and governance groups.
  • Fellowships. To entice the most promising graduate students to enroll at CU-Boulder rather than accept highly attractive financial packages elsewhere.
  • Graduate Student Teacher Award. To recognize a graduate student teacher who does an outstanding job overall or in some particular topic area.

For Faculty

  • Speakers & Conferences. To make possible regular, lively exchanges on important communication issues.
  • Fellowships. To enable a faculty member to start or complete a major research project, including the writing of a book.
  • Distinguished Chair Award.  Create a distinguished Communication Chair Award with the name of someone you want to honor that recognizes outstanding scholarship and teaching.

For Everyone

  • You propose –we listen. If there is a communication activity or issue you care about and you’d like to encourage its flourishing, contact us and we can discuss making it happen.

Specific information about our various gift fund opportunities, as well as an easy way to give online, is provided by the University of Colorado Foundation, please click here. If you would like to discuss additional opportunities, feel free to contact me or our department development director, Deanna Haas (303-541-1455). Thank you for your consideration.

Karen Tracy

Professor and Chair