Argo scene

From Hostages to Hollywood

Tony Mendez helped mastermind the escape of six Americans in Iran in 1979. Today Ben Affleck plays him in Argo, the 2013 Golden Globe Award-winning movie.

ding xue

A Dose of Genius

Professor Ding Xue and his team's discovery may lead to the development of medicine to treat the deadly hepatitis B virus that affects millions across the globe

Shriver Peace Corps

Legacy of Peace

Since the founding of the Peace Corps in 1961, more than 230,000 CU Boulder alumni have served abroad.

David Bolen running

Running Down a Dream

David Bolen became CU's first Olympic Athlete in 1948 before embarking on a successful career as an ambassador.

Head of the heard illustration

Head of the Herd

Four decades ago, the university created an innovative program to groom Colorado's future leaders. Where are they now?

american farmer

American Meat

Can American agriculture make a shift to sustainable farming? Graham Meriwether spent time with farmers across the country in search of the answer.

African girl

Pressure Cooker

Are rising temperatures a national security risk in Africa? Geography professor John O’Loughlin and his research team conduct an unprecedented study to determine if climate change plays a role in the continent’s conflicts.


astronaut in suit

Six Months in the Sky

Traveling for work will take on a new dimension for astronaut Steve Swanson who will travel 240 miles into space and spend six months on the International Space Station next year.

Grand canyon

Grand Canyon Ages Nearly 65 Million Years Overnight

Imagine discovering your birth date was 65 million years earlier than you thought. This is the predicament the Grand Canyon is in, thanks to assistant professor Rebecca Flowers and her team.

Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building

Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building

The center spread from the 2013 Spring issue.

Cubes with gender symbols on them

Putting the “S” in Gender

Is it the pitch of someone’s voice or style of speech that identifies gender?

Paul Danish yearbook photos

Extinguishing the Thrill

Thoughts from resident columnist Paul Danish.

Bruce Benson headshot

Reflections at a Milestone

President Bruce Benson celebrates five years as university president.

Football coach macyntyre

Q&A with Mike MacIntyre

Mike MacIntyre was named CU’s 25th head football coach on Dec. 10.

Buffalo coca cola can 1984

Cola Collectible

The Sports Beverage Co. of Champaign, Ill., produced Big 8 and Big 10 Football Sports Soda can collections in 1984, but little is known about why they were produced.

Kipp steeplechase

Kipp Runs with College Athlete of Year Award

Runner Shalaya Kipp became the third CU winner in the last five years — and sixth overall — of the College Female Athlete of the Year award presented by the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame.

Basketball arielle robertson

Hoop Teams Hit the Mark

The CU men’s and women’s basketball teams had stellar nonconference seasons, both cracking the top 25 rankings nationally.

Kipp steeplechase

Missed Some of the Season?

2013 sports highlights.

black and white CU

In Memoriam - Spring 2013

Forever Buffs who have passed away.

Jagger at Folsom

Letters - Spring 2013

Letters to the editor from the Spring 2013 issue.