An artist's rendition of the AcropolisCU Classics offers an array of fascinating courses as well as rigorous training in the discipline.

In addition to the traditional study of the language and literatures of ancient Greece and Rome, we offer courses in the history, art, archaeology, and philosophy of the classical world. Undergraduates can choose among three major tracks:
Greek and/or Latin Language and Literature, Literature, Culture, and Thought, or History, Art, and Archaeology.

Masters students can choose among tracks in Greek or Latin, the Art and Archaeology specialization, or a degree in Classical Antiquity, which allows them to customize their program to suit their interests and strengths. We also offer a MA in the Teaching of Latin.

There is only one track in the doctoral program, but students choose a special author and topic to be examined in their third year of the program and, of course, choose their own dissertation subjects.