1. Concurrent enrollment in an undergraduate degree program at University of Colorado Boulder.
  2. 18 hours of coursework from the certificate program course list as follows:
    • 3 credits intro course (CAMW2001: The American West)
    • 3 credits natural sciences
    • 3 credits social sciences
    • 3 credits humanities
    • 3 credits electives
    • 3 credits capstone course (CAMW4840: Independent Study)
  3.  A total of 6 credit hours (in addition to CAMW4840 capstone) must be upper division.
  4. A total of 6 credit hours (in addition to the CAMW2001 intro course and CAMW4840 capstone) must be outside the student's major.
  5. Maintenance of a C average, and a grade of C or better for all certificate program courses.
  6. No transfer credits may be applied.
  7. Only courses for which a student receives a grade, rather than credit/non-credit or pass/fail, will count toward completion of the program.
  8. A maximum 3 credits of independent study (CAMW4840) and a maximum of 3 credits of internships (CAMW3939) may be applied toward program electives and subject areas.
  9. All course work must be completed within a period of 8 years.
  10. Students should attend a minimum of 3 Center of the American West events and submit a brief (2-3-pages, double-spaced) reflection paper about the program, drawing from an event or events and/or coursework and/or any other Center of the American West experiences, due by the last day of the final semester.
  11. Certificates will be awarded following a satisfactory review of official transcripts and completion of a University of Colorado undergraduate degree.
  12. Petitions to alter any of the above requirements must be approved by the Center’s faculty director.

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