Published: Dec. 4, 2020

Original article can be found at Colorado Arts and Sciences Magazine
Originally published on December 4, 2020 By Cay Leytham-Powell

Compromise seems less and less likely between Republicans and Democrats in these turbulent times—but is it really?

That’s the topic of conversation of the newest Lunch with Limerick series, which will feature Dick Wadhams, the former chair of the Colorado Republican Party, in conversation with Patty Limerick, a self-proclaimed “Armchair Quarterback with a Muddled Political Identity.”

They will explore topics ranging from the reasons for the intensity of bitter partisanship to controversies over historical monuments. At the center of this exchange will be an attempt to identify the issues where conservatives and liberals genuinely disagree and where common ground might be found.

Lunch with Limerick is a virtual interview series held over Zoom that is hosted by the Center of the American West at the University of Colorado Boulder and moderated by Limerick, the center’s director, that delves into current issues and a variety of topics relevant to the West and beyond.

“Politics has always been a rough and tumble sport and I have enthusiastically been involved in the process for many years.  But respect for opposing viewpoints and the ability to seek consensus are increasingly sorely lacking on both sides of the political spectrum,” said Wadhams.

“I have long respected my friend Patty Limerick and look forward to our discussion.”

A sentiment in which Limerick agrees:

“At a historic moment when reciprocal demonization prevails over the back-and-forth of civil disagreement, I am grateful beyond words to my friend Dick Wadhans in trying to set an example for our rattled nation. We will give new life to old-fashioned statements like these: ‘I disagree with you, but I do understand how you reached your position,’ or ‘I’m glad you’re asking hard questions; they’re helping me think harder about what I just said.’ Who knows? Maybe Dick and I are about to start a new trend!”

Wadhams is a long-time political consultant that has led successful GOP campaigns in Colorado, Montana and South Dakota. He also served as the campaign manager for Colorado Governor Bill Owens, the only Republican to hold that seat in nearly 50 years, and served as the chair of the Colorado Republican Party from 2007 to 2011. Now, he is a regular contributor to KCNC-TV/CBS4 and The Denver Post.