Current CU Projects

  • STEAM (Student Thermal Energetic Activity Module) - A student mission on the SwRI PUNCH spacecraft.  Students will design, build, and integrate an x-ray spectrometer that will compliment the overall PUNCH science mission.  STEAM is focused on finding signatures of the coronal heating mechanisms on solar streams to be observed by PUNCH.
  • GLEE (Great Lunar Expedition for Everyone) - A unique mission that involves global collaboration to perform science on the lunar surface.
  • ICE (Ice Core Excavator) - Working with the NSF to develop a drone payload to collect ice cores from the arctic
  • HASP - Developing a proposal for the 2023 HASP flight for a long duration balloon payload to support GLEE mission testing.
  • First Nations Launch, Trailblazers: Teams participate in the First Nations Launch Competition.
  • Industry Collaborations - We develop industry collaborations and help place qualified students with interesting and valuable indstury positions. 


Previous Projects

3 Space Shuttle Get-Away Special Payloads
3 Sounding Rockets
2 High Powered Rockets (First Nations Launch Competitions)
10 Long-duration High Altitude Balloon Payloads
15 Sounding Rocket Payloads
4 CubeSats: Hermes, ALLSTAR, THEIA, PolarCube
4 Nanosatellites: EOR, Citizen Explorer, Three Corner Satellite, DANDE
3 Cryosphere projects
500+ High Altitude Balloon Payloads
Multiple autonomous rovers
Multiple Earth-based research projects & NASA/Industry Competition teams