The IEC’s faculty are some of the best-trained and most-respected educators in the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) field. All faculty have an MA or PhD in either TESOL or Applied Linguistics and have taught overseas. Many have ad articles published in peer-reviewed journals, have written or contributed to textbooks, and have presented as invited speakers at International TESOL, U.S. State Department, and Colorado TESOL conferences. All IEC faculty remain current on the latest trends on pedagogy through extensive professional development.

IEC faculty have certified expertise in instructional technology. In addition, IEC faculty remain current on best practices in assessment to accurately track student performance to meet college admissions criteria and stakeholders’ objectives. The IEC’s highly trained faculty advising team plays a pivotal role in student success by providing proactive and appreciative guidance that helps students optimize their educational experience and reach their professional goals.




Director Ruth Moore
Ruth Moore


Photo of IEC instructor Luke Coffelt
Luke Coffelt
Photo of IEC lecturer Karen Eichhorn
Karen Eichhorn
Photo of Agnes Farkas
Agnes Farkas
Photo of IEC lecturer Tom Germain
Tom Germain
Photo of IEC Faculty Olivia Livneh
Olivia Livneh
Photo of IEC lecturer Matt Morley
Matt Morley
Photo of IEC lecturer Parmelee Welsh
Parmelee Welsh
Student Success Coordinator & Academic Advisor


Photo of IEC staff member Carolyn Allen
Carolyn Allen
Professional Programs Manager
Photo of IEC instructor Barbara Flocke
Barbara Flocke
Interim Assistant Director for Faculty Services and Curriculum
Photo of IEC staff member Christina Shelton
Christina Shelton
Coordinator of Enrollment Services
Delano Suddith
Delano Suddith
Coordinator of Student Services
Photo of IEC staff member Shing Kit Wong
Shing Kit "Jackie" Wong
Assistant Director of Student Services