Acequia Assistance Project Group Photo

Acequia Assistance Project Members Attend 12th Annual Congreso de Acequias

March 19, 2024

Members of the Acequia Assistance Project, in conjunction with the Getches-Wilkinson Center and the Colorado Law School, made their way down to San Luis, CO earlier this month to attend the 12th annual Congreso de Acequias. There, Project members took a walking tour of San Luis, visited the People’s Ditch...

Frannie Monasterio

Historic Upper Colorado River Basin Agreement Requires States to Meet with Tribes

March 18, 2024

A historic interstate, inter-governmental agreement is finally institutionalizing the much-needed practice of including the six Native American Tribes of the Upper Colorado River basin in Colorado River discussions. On Monday, March 4, 2024, the Upper Colorado River Commission, a multi-state water administrative agency tasked with ensuring the states of Colorado,...

Artwork by Sally Deng

Acequia Assistance Project Featured in The Coloradan Alumni Magazine’s Spring Issue on Water in the West

March 13, 2024

Acequia Assistance Project Director Gregor MacGregor, co-founder Peter Nichols, and student deputy director Mary Slosson were all featured in an article about the project’s pro bono legal assistance in the San Luis Valley entitled “How Law Students Are Keeping a Historic Water Distribution Tradition Alive in Southern Colorado.” Approximately 400...

Treaty Justice

Celebrating the Boldt Decision and Treaty Justice

March 5, 2024

The Getches-Wilkinson Center, Native American Rights Fund, CU American Indian Law Program and Ridges to Riffles Indigenous Conservation Group are thrilled to co-host: Celebrating the Boldt Decision and Treaty Justice. An evening of scholarship, storytelling and celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Boldt decision and the release of Treaty...

Frannie Monasterio

Senators and Agencies Support Improving Tribal Access to Clean Water at Committee Legislative Hearing

Feb. 21, 2024

On Thursday, February 8, 2024, the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs held a Legislative Hearing to gather more information about several tribal bills, 1 including S. 2385 , the Tribal Access to Clean Water Act of 2023, which we have covered in a previous blog . It was the Committee’s...

Future Water Leaders

Updates from the 2024 Colorado Water Congress Annual Convention

Feb. 6, 2024

The Colorado Water Congress (CWC) winter convention in Aurora, CO has been buzzing with excitement. The conference kicked off with a series of water related workshops. Gregor MacGregor, Director of the Acequia Assistance Project at the Getches-Wilkinson Center (GWC), moderated a panel on the future generations of water leaders. One...

Andrew Teegarden

Necessary Policies for a Colorado Wetland Program Post-Sackett

Jan. 31, 2024

For the next piece in our Sackett series , we will look at public participation and environmental review provisions applicable under the Clean Water Act’s existing dredge and fill program. Colorado’s program needs similar procedural protections in any permitting program designed to effectively protect state waters and fill the gap...

Troubled Waters

Troubled Waters: The Colorado River Crisis Water Rights

Jan. 2, 2024

GWC Board Chair and CU Law School Raphael J. Moses Professor of Law, Mark Squillace, is interviewed by Angela Chen in "Troubled Waters: The Colorado River Crisis Water Rights." "About a third of the of the people that live on the Navajo Nation currently have no water to their homes,"...


Getches-Wilkinson Center Staff Attend 2023 CRWUA Annual Conference

Dec. 22, 2023

The Getches-Wilkinson Center, led by director, Chris Winter, took the entire staff to CRWUA this year to participate in hard hitting conversations about the future management of the Colorado River. As we get closer to 2026, negotiations and compromise will become the focus of creating sustainable water management in the...

Homestake Creek

GWC helps to lead the effort for a new wetland protection program in Colorado

Dec. 7, 2023

Andrew Teegarden 's policy brief discusses the recent Sackett decision from the Supreme Court and the steps that the State of Colorado must take to fill the new regulatory gap. Heather Sackett, Aspen Journalism , picked up on Andrew’s policy brief in a story about the Sackett issue, and that...