Photo Credit: Len Necefer

The Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (GWC) at the University of Colorado Law School endeavors to serve the people of the American West, the nation, and the world through creative, interdisciplinary research; bold, inclusive teaching; and innovative problem-solving in order to further true sustainability for our use of the lands, waters, and environment. Our mission is driven by a broader agenda and aspirations for deeper influence in law, policy, and practice. We regularly convene thought leaders and practitioners to address the most pressing issues of the day—including public lands, water resources, climate change, energy development, tribal resources, and treaty rights, environmental justice, electricity systems, among others. The GWC has developed a substantial body of work, including pioneering research, articles, books, conferences, workshops, and public lectures. Our name comes from the contributions of two iconic figures in the law school’s environmental law history, David Getches and Charles Wilkinson.