OIT supports a variety of teaching and learning applications, many of which can be integrated with Canvas. The following free tools are additional options to help bring your curriculum to life! Also check out the collection of tech tools we've curated for your students.

  • Flippity - Easily turn a Google spreadsheet into a set of online flashcards and other cool activities.
  • H5P - Free tool with loads of ways to make your content interactive; check out H5P examples for inspiration!
  • Kahoot - Check out the starter guide to distance learning with Kahoot. Note that they’re providing free access to Kahoot! Premium to any educational institution impacted by the coronavirus.
  • Padlet - Discussion board.
  • Quizlet (Note that Quizlet integration has been disabled in Canvas. While you can no longer embed Quizlet quizzes into Canvas--students can’t use Quizlet within Canvas--you can instead add Quizlet links to pages, assignments and modules. Simply add the Quizlet quiz link to a page/ assignment/ module, and then the students can navigate--leave Canvas--to Quizlet’s website to access the quiz. If you had intended on using Quizlet for assessment or grading, we recommend using the Canvas Quizzes feature, which has similar functionality to Quizlet.)
  • Quizizz - Motivate your students with games!
  • Wizer - Create interactive worksheets and hyperdocs with a variety of activities- embed videos and more, record and capture audio. Formative and Classkick are similar tools.
  • Guide to virtual museum resources, e-learning, and online collections. Consider sending your students on a virtual field trip to famous museumsoutdoor adventures, and more!