Published: July 15, 2014

Do most of your students bring their computers to class already?  Perfect; keep your students engaged in class by creating discussion boards!  Create a virtual sticky note / cork board brainstorm, and hear more students' voices in larger classes!

First, sign up for a free account on  Then, set up a new Wall.  Padlet will assign your wall a random URL.  You may want to consider creating your own address so that students don't have to worry about typing the random code that Padlet assigns.  If so, go to Address on the right hand column menu.

You may also want to consider changing your page's privacy setting.  Again in the right hand menu column, click on Privacy.  If you don't know your students that well (or you do!), you also have the option to Moderate their posts.

Next, format your wall the way you'd like!  Use the Background icon on the right hand side bar to pick a template, or upload your own!

Now you're ready!  Start a class brainstorm about an idea, or split students into smaller groups to work together to answer questions and post to your class Padlet page.  Ready to write?  Double click on the your and start!  You may opt to include video or images with your post.

Project your class Padlet page on the board, and discuss your students' input live!

Click on this great video by Richard Byrne's Free Technology for Teachers to learn more about how to use Padlet!