Instructors. David Kahn, Sara TabatabaieSpring 2016 Green Infrastructure Praxis Studio

Green infrastructure is becoming an inseparable part of the current urban design practice. Cities around the globe have become interested in finding new ways of integrating natural systems in the urban area to improve the environmental health and promote a healthy lifestyle among residents.

Studio.The Westwood Green Infrastructure Design Studio focuses on developing planning and design recommendations for integrating green infrastructure in the Westwood neighborhood of Denver. The studio involves intensive community engagement with Westwood residents, neighborhood groups, public agencies, and non-profit organizations on a local initiative - Cool Connected Westwood.

The course includes site and field work, research, concept/design development, and analysis of design scenarios. The focus is on urban design, streetscape design, stormwater management, and design of green space on publicly-owned land, including streets, alleys, parking lots, schools, and drainage and utility corridors. When students have completed the course they will have experience with neighborhood engagement strategies and a working understanding of green infrastructure design, planning, and assessment techniques. 

Seminar Class. In the supporting seminar class, students learn about green infrastructure concepts, current policies, practices and programs across the Unites States and around the world. We explore GI as it relates to public health, environmental management, urban design while also evaluating relevant policies, programs and guidelines in this regard. Students learn how to develop and adapt GI policies for the specific social, cultural and climatic conditions of Denver. Students also obtain hands-on knowledge about social processes and techniques for involving the community in planning and design practices.