Upcoming Events

Part of Growing Up Boulder's exhibit at the Boulder Public Library

Growing Up Boulder’s 10-year retrospective exhibit

Visit Growing Up Boulder’s 10-year retrospective exhibit at Boulder Public Library during August and September (on the ramp between Seeds Cafe and the Canyon Gallery)! Read more
Dana Crawford and Marilee Utter pose together at the conference.

Squeezed Out: Challenges of Diversity and Affordability in Colorado Communities

Many Coloradans - renters, immigrants, artists, students, seniors, mobile and manufactured homeowners, single-parent and working families, small business owners, and middle-class families - are financially stressed as a result of high housing and real estate costs. At the same time, many Coloradans are concerned about declining quality of life as a result of congestion, pollution, change in neighborhood character and shrinking green landscapes. Please join us Oct. 25 at the third annual Community Building Colorado-Style conference to explore creative solutions to the challenges of affordability, diversity and equity in rapidly-growing Colorado communities Read more
Logo for MetroLab conference

MetroLab Summit

MetroLab — a national network of 40 city-university partnerships focused on urban innovation — will be hosting their annual summit in Boulder Sept. 19-20, 2019. The University of Colorado led by CEDaR and ENVD are co-hosting the event with the city of Boulder. Read more

Project Initiatives

Sustainable Places

Design and planning for urban redevelopment, place-making, and resource efficient urbanism 

City Science

Assessment and application of urban technologies, and use of community science and analytics in urban management. 

Urban Affordability

Innovative design for housing and energy cost-reduction, as well as increase in self-sufficiency and increase in health of vulnerable communities.

Resilient Infrastructure

Integrated management of stormwater, urban heat, urban connectivity, water quality, air quality, and green infrastructure.

Children and Youth

Engagement of young people in planning and design decisions, and evaluation of programs providing services to children and families.