Published: May 22, 2023

In recent months, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a hot topic in the news. The advancing technology impacts different areas of our lives, including career development and the job search process. Tools like ChatGP can be helpful in your job and internship search; however, there are also clear limitations. Remember, AI is simply a tool to help you rather than to take over the entire process. Make sure your unique personality comes through in your application materials and interviews.

AI is a powerful and accessible tool that you can use to level the playing field in the job and internship search process. Candidates who want to enhance their documents, preparation and communication can use AI to present themselves as organized and prepared.

Craft your resume

It takes time and effort to tailor your resume to each position. A strong resume has succinct and compelling bullet points that reflect your experience. AI can guide you through the process. ChatGPT can suggest keywords, data points and relevant skills that mirror the language used in the job description. It can also identify your unique experiences and transferable skills tied to specific job responsibilities and requirements.