Xiaoyun Ding Headshot 2022
Assistant Professor • Biomedical, Micro/Nanoscale, Thermo Fluid Sciences
Mechanical Engineering

Office Location: ECES 158
Lab Location: ECES 117

Research Interests

Biomedical microfluidics, intracellular delivery, drug delivery, lab on chip, cellular engineering

Xiaoyun Ding’s research group centers on the innovation of cutting-edge micro/nano systems for cell based biomedical applications, including micro/nano manipulation of cell and fluid, cell membrane disruption and repair, and precise intracellular/subcellular delivery. Our research is highly interdisciplinary at the frontiers of micro/nano engineering, biomedical engineering, acoustics, electronics, and other applied physics. 


Societal Impact

We strive to improve human health and life quality through innovations in engineering cell functions for cell-based immunotherapy and reducing costs of disease diagnostics and therapeutics.


Select Publications


Select Awards

  • 2022  The Penn State Graduate School Alumni Society Early Career Award (1 awardee worldwide yearly)
  • 2021  NIH MIRA Early Stage Investigator Award 
  • 2021  Bruce S. Anderson Engineering Faculty Fellow, University of Colorado 
  • 2020  Chancellor's Research Innovation Award, University of Colorado 
  • 2020  Lab Venture Challenge 2020 winner, Colorado 
  • 2020  Biomaterials Science Emerging Investigators 2021
  • 2019  W. M. Keck Foundation Medical Research Grant Award
  • 2019  CCTSI Novel Method Development Pilot Awards, Colorado
  • 2013  Rustum and Della Roy Innovation in Materials Research Award, The Penn State University
  • 2013  Inventor Incentive Award, The Penn State University
  • 2013  Journal of Laboratory Automation Ten Breakthroughs in Innovation Award (JALA Ten 2013)
  • 2012  Student Paper Competition Award, IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, Dresden, Germany 
  • 2012  The Baxter Young Investigator Award, Chicago, USA (6 awardees nationwide)
  • 2012  First Place Award at Penn State ESM Today Graduate Research Symposium, The Penn State University
  • 2011  Innovation Award at Penn State ESM Today Graduate Research Symposium,  The Penn State University