BioFrontiers Institute Director's Discretionary Fund

With the guidance of Director Roy Parker, this fund provides wide support across the Institute including faculty recruitment, research and education programs, shared equipment and facilities, collaboration grants, visitor's programs, and curriculum development.

Support Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Your gift to the EMPOWERS program will provide flexible resources for advancing strategic diversity and inclusion initiatives,  strengthening core diversity and inclusion offerings, and recruiting and retaining diverse scientists to work and study at the BioFrontiers Institute.

Pandemic Research Fund

To provide support for pandemic research such as COVID-19 within the UCB BioFrontiers Institute. The Fund will provide flexible resources for: recruiting and supporting faculty and graduate students; community activities within the UCB scientific and engineering communities; symposia; other speaker events; and other pandemic research related expenses.

IQ Biology Fellowship Fund

Provide graduate fellowships to train the science & engineering leaders of the future.

High Performance Shared Equipment & Core Facilities Fund

This fund supports the greatest needs of our high performance shared equipment facilities, including updating and acquiring emerging technology supporting scientific computation, and offering large-scale data storage to our researchers.

The BioFrontiers Institute relies on the generous support of CU alumni and friends to help fund its most promising research and educational programs, and its research facilities. Over the next decade, BioFrontiers hopes to fund 10 endowed graduate research fellowships, endow five chairs in support of our principal investigators, fund innovative interdisciplinary research projects, and enhance our highly specialized laboratories and shared equipment facilities. BioFrontiers also plans to construct a first-of-its-kind facility that will promote increased collaborations among researchers, students, and industry partners.

It is an exciting time to be part of BioFrontiers’ vibrant interdisciplinary exploration of biology. We hope that you will join and support the work being done at the BioFrontiers Institute, as we boldly venture into unexplored territory, with a spirit of curiosity, creativity, and collaboration, to answer some of the most challenging and important health- and welfare-related questions of our time.

Please contact us for more information about supporting the BioFrontiers Institute.