Guaranteed Ride Home

Are you afraid to take the bus or to carpool to work in case of a family emergency?
The Guaranteed Ride Home Program provides CU Boulder and CU System Eco Pass smart card holders with a FREE taxi ride home in the event of an emergency or work schedule change.


  • You must have used means to get to work other than as the single occupant of a vehicle: carpooling, vanpooling, riding the bus, biking, walking or any means other than driving alone.
  • You must have a valid reason for using the Guaranteed Ride Home; such as a personal or family emergency/illness or an unplanned change in work schedule.
  • You must show your RTD Eco Pass Smart Card and Buff OneCard to the taxi driver.


  • Call Yellow Cab direct at 303-777-7777. Let them know you are calling for the UCB Guaranteed Ride Home program.
  • Give them the CU account or authorization number 5302 to approve your request.
  • You may also need to give them the 16 digit number off your Buff One card, so have that available.
  • Tell them where you are to be picked up, and your destination.
  • When the cab does arrive, you’ll need to show your Eco Pass.
  • Upon reaching your destination, review and sign the trip voucher.
  • The university will pay for your cab ride, but you must pay for any tip.

The following rules apply:

  • You may use the program only for trips from your workplace to your residence or your car.
  • You may make one intermediate stop if it relates to your emergency. (For example, you can stop to pick up your child at school or daycare on the way home or stop at your pharmacy to pick up a prescription.)
  • The Guaranteed Ride Home program will pay for your taxi ride up to 100 miles one-way. You are responsible for paying any amount over the 100-mile limit, and tipping the cab driver is a nice touch.
  • Emergency taxi rides will not be available when extreme weather conditions cause the university to close. This service does not apply when bus service is erratic due to bad weather.

Please call 303-735-2705 if you have any questions.


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