As state funding falls below five percent of total revenues, CU Boulder depends increasingly on the different sources listed below, including student tuition and fees, research contracts and grants, private fundraising and fee-for-service operations to cover its expenses and to make strategic investments in its educational mission.

The Education and General Funds make up the largest portion of the CU Boulder budget.

  • Student tuition and fees
  • Direct state appropriations
  • Indirect cost reimbursement

Revenues from activities conducted primarily to provide facilities or services for students, faculty, and staff.

  • Athletics
  • Continuing education
  • Housing and dining
  • Parking
  • Bookstore
  • Sales and services of educational departments

Restricted revenue consists of funds restricted by donors or outside agencies for specific purposes, such as research funding and philanthropy.

  • Gifts and donations
  • Contracts and grants
  • Endowment and investments
  • Federal financial aid programs

View our online charts for a more detailed look at funding on a yearly basis (PDF). These charts depict funds from FY 2017, as well as a breakout of all education and general funds recieved.