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The Student Technology Consultants support a network of podcasts for the larger ASSETT team. From personal student reflections on how their technology use has changed during COVID to deep-dives into innovative pedagogies, this feed has content for faculty and students alike. Read more about our feed below, or check out our content on Anchor.FM

Student Tech Share

student tech share logoA student conversation on life-hacking tech. The STC’s Student Tech Share is an on-going, collaborative conversation with students across the CU campus about how technology can help them accomplish their goals. We discuss individual tech tools within a given category, methods of use, and how these technologies might be better applied on campus. We aim for these conversations to be honest and organic, so they are in large part completely unscripted. Join us for our next Student Tech Share, or consider sending in your insights via voice message!

Connection: (mp3, 18:32) | Transcript

Productivity: Coming soon - Join us on March 29th, 2022!


overloadedIn the Overloaded Mini-Series, Cameron Fragoso asks her fellow CU students how the transition to remote learning affected them physically, mentally, and emotionally during the pandemic, and how they’ve learned to compensate. How has the relationship between students and technology changed? Fragoso dives deep into finding out just how broad of an influence screen time has during remote learning at CU and gives students the platform to tell their stories and share their experiences.

Introduction   (mp3, 00:48) | Transcript

Episode 1       (mp3, 05:37) | Transcript

Episode 2       (mp3, 13:30) | Transcript

Episode 3       (mp3, 06:54) | Transcript

Episode 4       (mp3, 07:57) | Transcript

Episode 5       (mp3, 08:35) | Transcript

Conclusion    (mp3, 00:36) | Transcript

Pedagogy Now!

pedagogy now podcast microphoneA student-run podcast about helping students succeed in the classroom. Episodes share content relevant to the student experience and provide a platform for students to use their voices to help their peers succeed in and out of the classroom. Pedagogy Now! is for proactive students, for faculty who are interested in the student perspective, and for higher-ed professionals who are working to rethink the institution. 

In Episode 1: Productivity Tech Review, Student Technology Consultant Zhouming (MingMing) Sun reviews three productivity apps: Time Warp is a Google extension that lets you block distracting websites, Trello is a Kanban-style task manager, and Forest is a phone app (and browser extension) that incentivizes you to not use your phone while doing other tasks.

Episode 1       (mp3, 05:00) | Transcript


emerge logoWe are also supporting content for the Innovation Incubator’s EMERGE podcast.This series brings together insight from faculty, staff, and students at CU in the pursuit of improving the undergraduate learning experience in the College of Arts and Sciences. The EMERGE podcast hopes to provide and make accessible information regarding metacognition and wellbeing, student success, multimodal participatory publishing, and inclusive data science that leverages innovative technology to help facilitate active student learning. 

Episode 1 (mp3, 25:15) | Transcript

Non Disposable Assignments

Episode 2 (mp3, 21:30) | Transcript

Reacting to the Past

Episode 3 (mp3, 29:14) | Transcript

Metacognitive Strategies